About us

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ZAGS Herbals and Cosmetics was founded to do more. To be more and more. More than environmental sustainable. More than high quality of products. More than organic. More than Natural. More than giving back to farmers who made this possible venture. From a two member team it expands worldwide reaching the more and more people who values tradition builds with organic.

ZAGS was started out as a trading company by sourcing and supplying organic and natural materials to India and abroad. The intention is to bring up healthy environment and socially responsible goods to the market. We are not only creating a healthy environment, we are creating an environment which is economically viable for farmers where their outputs reach global market with competitive rates with certified standards.

ZAGS was started with an idea of creating an efficient bridge between small farmers in India and buyers across the world who demands the best quality organic. Our approach which is an integrated model from farm to sale along with allied products to make the process as efficient, transparent and fair. Our destination is zaGs. Zags which means Sharp change – change from scratch to a healthy organic environment.