Kabasura Kudineer

Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam

Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam is a traditional formulation for effectively managing common respiratory ailments such as the flu and cold. It helps to prevent in relieving symptoms associated with respiratory health including severe phlegm, dry and wet cough and fever.

Kabasura kudineer or choornam possesses strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, hepato-protective, anti-pyretic, anti-asthmatic and immunomodulatory properties. Several studies have disclosed that kabasura kudineer due to its anti-inflammatory properties aids in reducing swelling in the air passages while antibacterial and antipyretic properties ease fever. Recommends to prevent and ailment for Covid such disease.

Preparation: Should be boiled with 2.6 litres of water and reduced to 300 ml. Should be taken twice a day for five days as a measure to safeguard by improving our immunity.

Benefits: The immunity developed by kabasura kudineer will provide effective remedy for a range of fevers, shivering, cough,nasal congestion, body pain, irritation, diarrhea, watering in eyes, laryngeal irritation, loss of taste etc.,

Dosage for adults – 60 ml
Dosage for children -30 ml